Tom Bradley, Mayor

Ronald L. Fraley, City Clerk

Bellefonte Police Department

Skip Edwards, Commissioner

M. J. Oakley, Commissioner

William Snedegar

John Wallace

The City Commission meets at 6:30 p.m. on the 4th Monday of each month at the Bellefonte City Building, 705 Bellefonte Princess Road.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has graciously agreed to provide space on their server for the City's webpage.  Please visit the Commonwealth's webpage at

It is a very interesting and useful site.


Welcome to the homepage of the City of Bellefonte. This site was established as a means to distribute news and information about the city government and, more importantly, news about people and events in the community. If you have news, hopefully good news, that you would like to share, please contact one of the city officials listed below.


2014 Bellefonte Election Results

Tom Bradley   292

Bill Snedegar 262
John Wallace 261
Skip Edwards 253
M.J. Oakley 251


Due to a word processing error, the property tax rates printed on the 2014 tax bills were not changed from the 2013 rates of $0.1368 to the 2014 rates of $0.1423 established by Ordinance No. 4-2014. The taxes were computed using the 2014 rates so the amounts due stated on the bills are correct. We apologize for the printing error.


FRIDAY is garbage collection day in Bellefonte.

The main telephone number at the City Building for conducting business with the City is 



Please review the REMINDERS page for a list of topics the City Commissioners  want to emphasize.


A feature article from the Sunday, August 16, 1955 edition of the Ashland Daily Independent contains a lot of valuable information on the history of the City. Please follow this link:

From the Daily Independent

2010 Census Results 
City of Bellefonte

Total Population 888

In response to numerous complaints from residents, the City Commission has employed an Animal Control Officer to provide increased enforcement of our animal control ordinances.  He can be reached through our 911 emergency dispatch service.  In situations involving bites, or other threats of harm to people, our police officers will respond quickly 24 hours a day.

If the animal is still on the callers property, or on a city street, the Animal Control Officer will collect the animal and attempt to return it to its owner. If the owner is unavailable or cannot be identified, the animal will be taken to a shelter. If the animal has moved on to another resident's private property before the Officer arrives, and the animal owner can be identified, the Officer will notify the owner that a complaint has been made. The Officer will not enter private property to retrieve an animal without a complaint from the property owner.


911 is the primary number for most Bellefonte residents to call for emergency fire, police and ambulance service.

You can also reach the emergency dispatcher directly by calling
473-1411. This may result in a slightly faster response for these services.


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